About The Database

The purpose of the registration is to register the private soldier up to the degree of Corporal. The persons included in the database must have been enrolled as soldiers between the years 1682–1901. The database does not claim to be fully complete. Continuous research is ongoing and new soldiers are registered in the database as well as supplementary and new information is entered into the database about existing soldiers and their families. If You cannot find the soldier in the database, he my perhaps turn up in the updated database next year.

Genealogists and local history researchers contribute generously with information about both the soldier and his family. This information has been registered on each soldier or croft. We also state in these cases who provided the information, in order to be able to bring together the researcher who is conducting research on the same soldier. If you have information about allotted soldiers’ we gratefully accept the information. Be sure to notify us the source when you send us the material.

The work with the registration of the allotted soldier with family is mostly done by genealogists and local historians around Sweden. In general, the local registers or each of the genealogist researchers or association own the copyright to the contents of their registers. Thereby, the local registers are also responsible for the quality of their registers and that the information registered is correct. In some exceptions, other agreements exist between a few local soldier registers and the Central Soldier Register.

The web-based database is a collaboration between the Central Soldier Register and Elektronikhuset in Mariestad. The information you find on the website is free of charge. The web database contains less information about each soldier, which means there is additional information available about the soldier at each local soldier register. To get more information about your soldier, you can send a request to the local register. The local register charges a fee that may vary between the local registers. If you have trouble with your search and you suspect that the soldier you have found is not the one your are looking, please contact the local register responsible for your soldier or the Central Soldier Register and we will help you out. You can find the contact information of the local register in your soldier’s file in the database. The contact information of the Central Soldier Register can be found in the heading “Contact Us”.

It should be pointed out that the Central Soldier Register is not a genealogical register but a register of allotted soldiers who belonged to the Late Allotment System. Officers and non-commissioned officers are also registered at some of the local registers. The source of the basic information in the register is taken from the General Muster Rolls at the Swedish Military Archive.

Remember that the information in the soldier register is a secondary source. You should therefore verify that the information is correct.