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Welcome to the Central Soldier Register

The Central Soldier Register makes your genealogy research easier and smoother. Discover your family history and travel back in time using our web-based database. You are just a few clicks away from easily finding your ancestor among divided soldiers. The database of the Central Soldier Register currently contains around 500,000 entries with divided soldiers and thus becomes an invaluable source for leisure researchers. The local soldier registers can help you with additional information about your relatives.

The Swedish Allotment System

If you do not know anything or only a little about the Swedish Allotment System [Indelningsverket], we highly recommend you to read about the system, and in particularly, the New Allotment System before you continue discovering the Central Soldier register. The content of the Central Soldier Register is based on the New Allotment System. You can read about the system at Wikipedia

and on the web site of Hans Högman under military